XE Game System

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Atari XE Game System

Video game from Atari. Released in 1987. Essentially a repackaged 65XE.

Like the 5200, the XEGS has a 6502C CPU running at 1.79 MHz. It also has the same graphics and sound chips. The maximum resolution is 320 x 192. It has a palette of 256 colors and has five text modes and 11 graphics modes. The XE has 4 sound channels. It has 128 kilobytes of ram. Like most game systems of the time the XEGS has the standard I/O ports including composite video output, cardridge port, expansion port, and 2 joystick ports. In addition it has a SIO peripheral port for a tape drive, printer, disk drive, or modem.


Right side

  • 2 x Joystick

Left side

Back side