VGA (15)

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VGA=Video Graphics Adapter or Video Graphics Array

Videotype: Analogue.




15 PIN HIGHDENSITY D-SUB FEMALE at the videocard.


15 PIN HIGHDENSITY D-SUB MALE at the monitor cable.

Pin Name Dir Description Impedance/Level
1 RED Arrowr.png Red Video 75 Ω, 0.7 V p-p
2 GREEN Arrowr.png Green Video 75 Ω, 0.7 V p-p
3 BLUE Arrowr.png Blue Video 75 Ω, 0.7 V p-p
4 ID2 Arrowl.png Monitor ID Bit 2
5 GND Arrow.png Ground
6 RGND Arrow.png Red Ground
7 GGND Arrow.png Green Ground
8 BGND Arrow.png Blue Ground
9 KEY - Key (No pin)
10 SGND Arrow.png Sync Ground
11 ID0 Arrowl.png Monitor ID Bit 0
12 ID1 or SDA Arrowl.png Monitor ID Bit 1
13 HSYNC or CSYNC Arrowr.png Horizontal Sync (or Composite Sync)
14 VSYNC Arrowr.png Vertical Sync
15 ID3 or SCL Arrowl.png Monitor ID Bit 3

Note: Direction is Computer relative Monitor.


Bit Description
3 2 1 0
n/a n/c n/c n/c No monitor connected
n/a n/c n/c GND Mono monitor which does not sopport 1024x768
n/a n/c GND n/c Color monitor which does not support 1024x768
n/a GND GND n/c Color monitor which supports 1024x768

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