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Small Form-Factor Pluggable = SFP

Also known as Mini GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter). Small cards that you plug into Ethernet switches and similar equipment. Different SFP cards for different types of communication (fiber optical or electrical etc).



Pin Name Signal
1 VEET Transmitter Ground
2 TX Fault Transmitter Fault Indication
3 TX Disable Transmitter Disable
4 MOD-DEF2 Module Definition 2
5 MOD-DEF1 Module Definition 1
6 MOD-DEF0 Module Definition 0
7 Rate Select Select Between Full or Reduced Receiver Bandwidth
8 SD Signal Detect
9 VEER Receiver Ground
10 VEER Receiver Ground
11 VEER Receiver Ground
12 RD- Receiver Output Inverse
13 RD+ Receiver Output
14 VEER Receiver Ground
15 VCCR Receiver Power
16 VEET Transmitter Power
17 VEET Transmitter Ground
18 TD+ Transmitter Input
19 TD- Transmitter Input Inverse
20 VEET Transmitter Ground


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