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Serial port available on the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner.



7 PIN MINI-DIN FEMALE at the Roomba.

Pin Name Dir Description
1 Vpwer Arrowr.png Roomba battery + (unregulated)
2 Vpwer Arrowr.png Roomba battery + (unregulated)
3 RXD Arrowl.png Serial input to Roomba
4 TXD Arrowr.png Serial output from Roomba
5 /DD Arrowl.png Device Detect input (active low) – used to wake up Roomba from sleep
6 GND Arrow.png Roomba battery ground
7 GND Arrow.png Roomba battery ground

Note: Direction is Roomba relative Computer.

Note: The RXD, TXD, and Device Detect pins use 0 – 5V logic, so a level shifter such as a MAX232 chip will be needed to communicate with a Roomba from a PC, which uses RS232 levels.