RS422 37pin

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37 PIN D-SUB MALE at the DTE (Computer).


37 PIN D-SUB FEMALE at the DCE (Modem).

Pin Name Dir Description
1 GND Arrow.png Shield Ground
2 SRI Arrowl.png Signal Rate Indicator
3 n/c - Spare
4 SD Arrowr.png Send Data
5 ST Arrowr.png Send Timing
6 RD Arrowl.png Receive Data
7 RTS Arrowr.png Request To Send
8 RR Arrowl.png Receiver Ready
9 CTS Arrowl.png Clear To Send
10 LL Arrowr.png Local Loopback
11 DM Arrowl.png Data Modem
12 TR Arrowr.png Terminal Ready
13 RR Arrowl.png Receiver Ready
14 RL Arrowr.png Remote Loopback
15 IC Arrowl.png Incoming Call
16 SF/SR Arrowr.png Select Frequency/Select Rate
17 TT Arrowr.png Terminal Timing
18 TM Arrowl.png Test Mode
19 GND Arrow.png Ground
20 RC Arrow.png Receive Twister-Pair Common
21 GND Arrow.png Spare Twister-Pair Return
22 /SD Arrow.png Send Data TPR
23 GND Arrow.png Send Timing TPR
24 GND Arrow.png Receive Timing TPR
25 /RS Arrow.png Request To Send TPR
26 /RT Arrow.png Receive Timing TPR
27 /CS Arrow.png Clear To Send TPR
28 IS Arrowl.png Terminal In Service
29 /DM Arrow.png Data Mode TPR
30 /TR Arrow.png Terminal Ready TPR
31 /RR Arrow.png Receiver TPR
32 SS Arrowr.png Select Standby
33 SQ Arrowl.png Signal Quality
34 NS Arrowr.png New Signal
35 /TT Arrow.png Terminal Timing TPR
36 SB Arrowl.png Standby Indicator
37 SC Arrow.png Send Twister Pair Common

Note: Direction is DTE (Computer) relative DCE (Modem).