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Available at Nokia cellular phones.



1  2           14
Io IIIIIIIIIIIII o   at the phone
Pin Name Description
1 Vin Charger input
2 GND Charger ground
3 ACI Accessory Control Interface
4 V Out Connected to pin 3 in DKU-2 usb data cable
5 USB Vbus Also act as USB power detection? Should be connected to USB pin 1 in usb data cable.
6 FBus Rx/USB D+ USB exists in some models only*. Should be connected to USB pin 2 in usb data cable.
7 FBus Tx/USB D- USB exists in some models only*. Should be connected to USB pin 3 in usb data cable.
8 GND Data GND
9 X Mic- Audio in - Ext. Mic input negativ
10 X Mic+ Audio in - Ext. Mic input positiv
11 HS Ear L- Audio out - Ext. Audio out - left, negativ
12 HS Ear L+ Audio out - Ext. Audio out - left, positiv
13 HS Ear R- Audio out - Ext. audio out - right, negativ
14 HS Ear R+ Audio out - Ext. audio out - right, positiv
GND shield GND in cavities


Nokia DKU-2

Straight Pop-Port to USB cable.

Nokia CA-53

Newer model of DKU-2. Is RoHS compliant.

Nokia CA-70

Like CA-53, but with charging.

Nokia DKU-5

Uses FBus, so the cable contains a serial to USB converter. Limited to 115200 bps.

Nokia CA-42

Newer model of DKU-5. For FBus, but behaves like a true USB device. Limited to 230400 bps.

Compatible cables

Model Compatible cable
Nokia E50 CA-53
Nokia E60 CA-53, CA-70
Nokia E61 CA-53, CA-70
Nokia E61i CA-53
Nokia E65 CA-53
Nokia E70 CA-53, CA-70
Nokia E90 Communicator DKE-2
Nokia N70 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia N71 CA-53
Nokia N72 CA-53
Nokia N73 CA-53
Nokia N76 DKE-2
Nokia N80 CA-53
Nokia N90 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia N91 DKE-2
Nokia N92 CA-53
Nokia N93 CA-53
Nokia N93i CA-53
Nokia N95 DKE-2
Nokia 3100 CA-42
Nokia 3120 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 3200 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 3220 CA-42
Nokia 3230 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 3250 CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 5100 CA-42
Nokia 5140 CA-42
Nokia 5140i CA-42
Nokia 5200 DKE-2
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic DKE-2
Nokia 5500 Sport CA-53
Nokia 6020 CA-42
Nokia 6021 CA-42
Nokia 6070 CA-42
Nokia 6080 CA-42
Nokia 6085 CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6086 CA-53
Nokia 6100 CA-42
Nokia 6101 CA-42
Nokia 6102 CA-42
Nokia 6102i CA-42
Nokia 6103 CA-42
Nokia 6108 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 6111 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6125 CA-53
Nokia 6131 CA-53
Nokia 6131 NFC CA-53
Nokia 6136 CA-53
Nokia 6151 CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6170 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6220 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 6230 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6230i DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6233 CA-53
Nokia 6234 CA-53
Nokia 6260 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6270 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6280 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6288 CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6290 DKE-2
Nokia 6300 DKE-2
Nokia 6310i DLR-3P
Nokia 6510
Nokia 6610 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 6610i CA-42
Nokia 6630 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6650 DKU-2, CA-53
Nokia 6670 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6680 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6681 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 6800 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 6810 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 6820 CA-42
Nokia 6822 CA-42
Nokia 7200 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 7210 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 7250 DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 7250i DKU-5, CA-42
Nokia 7260 CA-42
Nokia 7270 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 7280
Nokia 7360 CA-42
Nokia 7370 CA-53
Nokia 7373 CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 7380
Nokia 7390 DKE-2
Nokia 7600 DKU-2, CA-53
Nokia 7610 DKU-2, CA-53
Nokia 7710 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 8310
Nokia 8800
Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition
Nokia 8910i
Nokia 9300 DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 9300i CA-53, CA-70
Nokia 9500 Communicator DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70