PlayStation Portable

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Handheld console by Sony. The original version (PSP-1000) was released in 2004. A slimmer version (PSP-2000) was announced on July 11th, 2007.

Technical specifications

Original PSP
PSP "Slim & Light"

Sony CXD1876 (Media Engine Chip)

  • MIPS R4000-based
  • Firmware <v3.50: 90-233 MHz. Default: 222 MHz
  • Firmware >=v3.50: 90-333 MHz. Default: 333 MHz
  • 2MB embedded RAM

Sony CXD2962GG (Graphics Processor Chip)

  • MIPS R4000-based
  • 1-166 MHz. Default: 111 MHz
  • 2MB embedded RAM (Video Memory)
Same as Original PSP, but names of the chips are unknown.
  • 480x272 pixels, 4.3" (16:9) TFT LCD
  • Samsung (previously Sharp)
  • Maximum luminance 200/180/130/80cd/m2 (200 with external power supply)
RAM: 32MB 333MHz DDR SDRAM (Samsung K5E5658HCM-D060) 64MB SRAM???
Sound: Built-in stereo speakers

UMD (Universal Media Device)

  • 1.8 GB
  • Diameter 60mm
  • Read-only
Network: IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi)
Memory cards: Memory Stick Duo
USB: USB 2.0 (5 pin Mini-B) (data only) USB 2.0 (5 pin Mini-B) (data & charging)
Infrared: IrDA n/a
Video Out: n/a S-Video/Component/Composite Video Out
Power supply: DC In (+5VDC)
Size (W x D x H): 170 x 23 x 74 mm 169.4 x 18.6 x 71.4 mm
Battery: 1800 mAh (3-6 hours) 1200 mAh (3-6 hours)
Weight: 280g 189g

Video output on PSP Slim:

  • Composite video
  • S-Video
  • Component (progressive only)

Video output from games is progressive only, so only Component output may be used.


Country DVD Region PSP PSP Slim
Japan 2 PSP-1000 PSP-2000
North America 1 PSP-1001 PSP-2001
Australia and New Zealand 4 PSP-1002 PSP-2002
United Kingdom 2 PSP-1003 PSP-2003
European Union 2 PSP-1004 PSP-2004
South Korea 5 PSP-1005 PSP-2005
Hong Kong and Singapore 3 PSP-1006 PSP-2006
Taiwan 3 PSP-1007 PSP-2007
Russia 5 PSP-1008 PSP-2008
China 6 PSP-1009 PSP-2009
Mexico PSP-1010 PSP-2010

DVD regions:

Region Countries
0 Worldwide (in-flight-movies, cinemas, ferries, etc.)
1 United States, Canada, U.S. territories, Latin America
2 European Union, Japan, Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland, French territories
3 Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore
4 Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
5 Russia, Eastern Europe, Pakistan, India, the majority of Africa, North Korea, Mongolia
6 Mainland China