PlayStation A/V

From HwB

Available on the Sony PlayStation 1, 2 & 3 console.



| oooooooooooo |
  1         12


12 PIN ?? at the PlayStation.

Pin Name Description
1 GND Ground
2 RT Right Audio
3 GND Ground
4 LT Left Audio
5 Y S-Video Y
6 SYNC Composite Sync
7 C S-Video C
8 VGND Video Ground
9 B Blue
10 +5V +5 VDC
11 R Red
12 G Green

Note: Add a 220uf capacitor for each RGB line (in series) for improved picture quality.

Note: You will need to use an LM1881 or similar circuit to strip the sync from the video line.

The PlayStation 2 can do VGA through this port, however it is software controlled, and since there aren’t enough pins for H+V Sync, it uses Sync-On-Green, which not all monitors support.