Mega Drive Joystick

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Available at the Sega Mega Drive console.



9 PIN D-SUB MALE at the Console.


9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE at the joystick cable.

Pin Dir Select=L Select=H
1 Arrowl.png Up
2 Arrowl.png Down
3 Arrowl.png Ground Left
4 Arrowl.png Ground Right
5 Arrowr.png +5VDC
6 Arrowl.png Button A Button B
7 Arrowr.png Select
8 Arrow.png Ground
9 Arrowl.png Start Button C

Note: Direction is Computer relative Joystick.

Usually signals are multiplexed using a 74HC157. The console sets pin 7 (Select) to Low (GND) or High (+5VDC) to choose what the controller should return on pins 3, 4, 6 & 9.