Mega Drive Cartridge

From HwB

Available at Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.


B1                    B32  Front
A1                    A32  Back
Pin Direction Name Description
A1 Arrow.png GND Ground
A2 Arrowr.png +5V Power +5V
A3 Arrowr.png A8 Address bit8
A4 Arrowr.png A11 Address bit11
A5 Arrowr.png A7 Address bit7
A6 Arrowr.png A12 Address bit12
A7 Arrowr.png A6 Address bit6
A8 Arrowr.png A13 Address bit13
A9 Arrowr.png A5 Address bit5
A10 Arrowr.png A14 Address bit14
A11 Arrowr.png A4 Address bit4
A12 Arrowr.png A15 Address bit15
A13 Arrowr.png A3 Address bit3
A14 Arrowr.png A16 Address bit16
A15 Arrowr.png A2 Address bit2
A16 Arrowr.png A17 Address bit17
A17 Arrowr.png A1 Address bit1
A18 Arrow.png GND Ground
A19 Arrowlr.png D7 Data bit7
A20 Arrowlr.png D0 Data bit0
A21 Arrowlr.png D8 Data bit8
A22 Arrowlr.png D6 Data bit6
A23 Arrowlr.png D1 Data bit1
A24 Arrowlr.png D9 Data bit9
A25 Arrowlr.png D5 Data bit5
A26 Arrowlr.png D2 Data bit2
A27 Arrowlr.png D10 Data bit10
A28 Arrowlr.png D4 Data bit4
A29 Arrowlr.png D3 Data bit3
A30 Arrowlr.png D11 Data bit11
A31 Arrowr.png +5V Power +5V
A32 Arrow.png GND Ground
Pin Direction Name Description
B1 Arrowr.png laudio left audio input
B2 Arrowl.png H_RESET  ?
B3 Arrowr.png raudio right audio input
B4 Arrowr.png A9 Address bit9
B5 Arrowr.png A10 Address bit10
B6 Arrowr.png A18 Address bit18
B7 Arrowr.png A19 Address bit19
B8 Arrowr.png A20 Address bit20
B9 Arrowr.png A21 Address bit21
B10 Arrowr.png A22 Address bit22
B11 Arrowr.png A23 Address bit23
B12 Arrowr.png VIDEO  ?
B13 Arrowr.png VSYNC  ?
B14 Arrowr.png HSYNC  ?
B15 Arrowr.png HS_CLK  ?
B16 -Arrowr.png C_OE Chip Output Enable
B17 -Arrowr.png C_CE  ?
B18 -Arrowr.png AS Address Strobe
B19 Arrowr.png CLK Clock
B20 -Arrowl.png DTACK  ?
B21 Arrowr.png  ?  ?
B22 Arrowlr.png D15 Data bit15
B23 Arrowlr.png D14 Data bit14
B24 Arrowlr.png D13 Data bit13
B25 Arrowlr.png D12 Data bit12
B26 -Arrowr.png LO_MEM  ?
B27 -Arrowr.png RESET Reset
B28 -Arrowr.png LDSW even words of SRAM
B29 -Arrowr.png UDSW odd words of SRAM
B30 -Arrowl.png S_RESET  ?
B31 Arrowr.png  ? phantom address line
B32 -Arrowl.png CART_IN  ?

Note: Direction is Console relative Cartridge