Internal Diskdrive

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34 PIN IDC MALE at the computer & diskdrives.

Pin Name Dir Description
2 /REDWC Arrowr.png Density Select
4 n/c Reserved
6 n/c Reserved
8 /INDEX Arrowl.png Index
10 /MOTEA Arrowr.png Motor Enable A
12 /DRVSB Arrowr.png Drive Sel B
14 /DRVSA Arrowr.png Drive Sel A
16 /MOTEB Arrowr.png Motor Enable B
18 /DIR Arrowr.png Direction
20 /STEP Arrowr.png Step
22 /WDATE Arrowr.png Write Data
24 /WGATE Arrowr.png Floppy Write Enable
26 /TRK00 Arrowl.png Track 0
28 /WPT Arrowl.png Write Protect
30 /RDATA Arrowl.png Read Data
32 /SIDE1 Arrowr.png Head Select
34 /DSKCHG Arrowr.png Disk Change


  • Direction is Computer relative Diskdrive.
  • All odd pins are GND, Ground.

Note: Can be an Edge-connector on old PC's.