iPhone 3G

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Mobile telephone from Apple. Released 2008-07-11 in most parts of the world.


Technical specs

  • Samsung ?
  • 128 MB SDRAM (included in CPU)
  • 8 GB flash memory
  • or 16 GB flash memory
Display: 3.5" multi-touch LCD 480x320 pixels (160 DPI)
OS: iPhone OS
Camera: 2.0 megapixels (no autofocus, no flash, no movie recording)
  • Quad-band GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • Tri-band UMTS/HSDPA 850, 1900, 2100, A-GPS[27]
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
  • EDGE/UTMS (3G)
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (no AD2P)
Battery: 3.7 V Li-Ion Polymer battery, 1150 mA
Size: 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm
Weight: 133 g


Components inside

Manufacturer Name Description
SST SST25VF080B 1 MB Serial Flash

Samsung ARM-based CPU (markings: 339S0036 ARM EMC567DB 819 8900B N182F0A3 0825 7511.101 ZPD8163Y)
with DDR SDRAM Samsung K4X1G163PC-DGC3

Application Processor and 128 MB DDR SDRAM
ST Microelectronics LIS331 DL Accelerometer
Infineon SMP3i SMARTi Power Management IC
Skyworks SKY77340 Power Amp. Module (824-915 MHz Power Amplifier Module Quad)
Infineon PMB 6952 UMTS Transciever
Triquint TQM676031 WCDMA/HSUPA power amp

An integrated 3-V linear UMTS Band 1 power amplifier (PA), duplexer and transmit filter module, with output power detector. It supports HSUPA operation with transmission data-rates up to 10 Mbits/s.

Triquint TQM666032 WCDMA/HSUPA power amp

Similar like TQM676031, but for Band 2 operation.

Triquint TQM616035 WCDMA/HSUPA power amp

WCDMA/HSUPA PA-duplexer module for Band 5 and 6.

Numonyx PF38F3050M0Y0CE 16 MB NOR Flash - 8 MB Pseudo-SRAM
Infinieon Digital Baseband Processor
NXP Power management
Linear Technology LTC4088-2 Battery charger/USB controller
Infineon PMB2525 Hammerhead II GPS
Wolfson WM6180C Audio Codec
Broadcom BCM5974 Touchscreen controller
National Semiconductor LM2512AA Display Interface
Toshiba TH58G6D1DTG80 8GB Flash (8GB model!)
Marvell 88W8686 WiFi
CSR BlueCore6-ROM Bluetooth
Apple #616-0372 Battery