IP rating

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IP = Ingress Protection

The IP rating indicates how an equipment is protected against access to sensitive parts and protection against dust going inside.


IP rating

1st digit

Protection for the equipment against ingress of solid foreign objects Protection for persons against access to hazardous parts with
0 (non-protected) (non-protected)
1 ≥50 mm in diameter back of hand
2 ≥12.5 mm in diameter finger
3 ≥2.5 mm in diameter tool
4 ≥1.0 mm in diameter wire
5 dust-protected wire
6 dust-tight wire
X not required

2nd digit

Against ingress of water with harmful effects
0 (non-protected)
1 vertically dripping
2 dripping (15° tilted)
3 spraying
4 splashing
5 jetting
6 powerful jetting
7 temporary immersion
8 continuous immersion
X not required

Additional letters (optional)

Against access to hazardous parts with
A back of hand
B finger
C tool
D wire
Supplementary information specific to
H High voltage apparatus
M Motion during water test
S Stationary during water test
W Weather conditions


  • IEC 60529
  • NEMA 250
  • UL 50
  • UL 508
  • CSA C22.2 No. 94.