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ECB = Europe Card Bus

The ECB-bus was defined in 1984 by the german company KONTRON.

It was defined for the 100x160mm-europa-card and used 2x32 pins of a 3x32-pin-connector (row a and c).
Later the third (middle) row of pins was defined for additional signals used in 16-bit-systems. This extended bus uses all 3x32pins.




96 PIN DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 FEMALE at the backplane.


96 PIN DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 MALE at the boards.

Row a & c (for 8 bit)

Pin Name Desciption
a1 +5V +5 volts dc
a2 D5 Data line bit 5
a3 D6 Data line bit 6
a4 D3 Data line bit 3
a5 D4 Data line bit 4
a6 A2 Address 2
a7 A4 Address 4
a8 A5 Address 5
a9 A6 Address 6
a10 WAIT/ CPU wait
a11 BUSRQ/ bus request
a13 +12V
a14 -12V
a15 -5V
a16 2PHI 2x clock
a18 A14 address 14
a20 M1/ first cycle
a27 IORQ/ in/out request
a28 RFSH/ refresh cycle
a29 A13 address 13
a30 A9 address 9
a31 BUSAK/ bus acknowledge
a32 GND signal ground
Pin Name Desciption
c1 +5V +5 volts dc
c2 D0 Data line bit 0
c3 D7 Data line bit 7
c4 D2 Data line bit 2
c5 A0 Address 0
c6 A3 Address 3
c7 A1 Address 1
c8 A8 Address 8
c9 A7 Address 7
c11 IEI interrupt enable in
c14 D1 Data line bit 1
c16 IEO interrupt enable out
c17 A11 address 11
c18 A10 address 10
c20 NMI/ not maskable interrupt
c21 INT/ normal interrupt
c22 WR/ write cycle
c24 RD/ read cycle
c25 HALT/ cpu stopped
c27 A12 address 12
c28 A15 address 15
c29 PHI clock
c30 MREQ/ memory request
c31 RESET/ cpu reset
c32 GND signal ground

Row b (additional for 16 bit)

Pin Name Desciption
b1 +5V +5 volts dc
b2 A20 address 20
b3 A21 address 21
b4 A22 address 22
b5 A23 address 23
b6 D8 data line bit 8
b7 D9 data line bit 9
b8 D10 data line bit 10
b9 D11 data line bit 11
b10 D12 data line bit 12
b11 D13 data line bit 13
b12 D14 data line bit 14
b13 D15 data line bit 15
b14 IRQ7 interrupt 7
b15 IRQ6 interrupt 6
b16 IRQ5 interrupt 5
b17 IRQ4 interrupt 4
b18 IRQ3 interrupt 3
b19 IRQ2 interrupt 2
b20 IRQ1 interrupt 1
b21 IRQ0 interrupt 0
b22 IOWR I/O write
b23  ??  ??
b24 IORC I/O read
b25 MRDC Mem read
b26  ??  ??
b27 MWRC Mem write
b28 DS0 Data Select 0
b29 DS1 Data Select 1
b30 OFF bus driver tristate
b31 LOCK bus driver tristate disabled
b32 GND signal ground
DS0 DS1 Description
0 0 data transfer 16-bit
0 1 only bit 0-7
1 0 only bit 8-15
1 1 no data transfer

Note: / = Active Low