DEC DLV11-J Serial

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Available on the DEC DLV11-J Serial card.



10 PIN IDC MALE at the Serial card.

Pin Name Dir Description
1 CLK  ? Clock
2 GND Arrow.png Ground
3 TXD+ Arrowr.png Transmit data +
4 TXD- Arrowr.png Transmit data - (0V for RS-232, Reader enable for 20mA)
5 GND Arrow.png Ground
6 n/c - Not connected (no pin)
7 RXD- Arrowl.png Receive data -
8 RXD+ Arrowl.png Receive data +
9 GND Arrow.png Ground
10 +12V Arrowr.png +12 VDC

Note: Direction is Serial card relative other Devices.



  • DEC DLV11-J Printset, M8043-0-1, sheet 7