C64/128 Cassette

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Datassette 1530

Available at Commodore CBM/PET, C64 & C128. Used to connect Datassette 1530/CN2.



6 PIN MALE EDGE at the computer.

Pin Name Dir Description
A-1 GND Arrow.png Ground
B-2 +5V Arrowr.png +5 Volts DC
C-3 MOTOR Arrowr.png Cassette Motor (+6 VDC)
D-4 READ Arrowl.png Cassette Read
E-5 WRITE Arrowr.png Cassette Write
F-6 SENSE Arrowl.png Cassette Sense (monitors cassette play/ff/rew buttons)

Note: Direction is Computer relative Cassette.

Note 2: There should be a key between 2/B & 3/C.