C16/C116/Plus4 Cassette

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Available on the Commodore C16, C116 and +4 computers. For connecting the Commodore 1531 Datassette. Which is not compatible with Commodore 1530/CN2 Datasette (used for Commodore C64 and others).



7 PIN MINI-DIN FEMALE at the computer.

Pin Name Dir Description
1 GND Arrow.png Ground
2 +5V Arrowr.png +5 Volts DC
3 MOTOR Arrowr.png Cassette Motor
4 READ Arrowl.png Cassette Read
5 WRITE Arrowr.png Cassette Write
6 SENSE Arrowr.png Cassette Sense
7 GND Arrow.png Ground

Note: Direction is Computer relative Cassette.



  • SAMS Computerfacts CC8 Commodore 16