Apple SCSI HDI-30

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Pin Name Dir Description
1 n/c Reserved for SCSI disk mode.
2 /DB0 Arrowlr.png Bit 0 of SCSI data bus
3 GND Arrow.png Ground
4 /DB1 Arrowlr.png Bit 1 of SCSI data bus
5 TPWR Arrowlr.png Termination power
6 /DB2 Arrowlr.png Bit 2 of SCSI data bus
7 /DB3 Arrowlr.png Bit 3 of SCSI data bus
8 GND Arrow.png Ground
9 /ACKS Arrowl.png Handshake signal. When low acknowledges a request for data transfer
10 GND Arrow.png Ground
11 /DB4 Arrowlr.png Bit 4 of SCSI data bus
12 GND Arrow.png Ground
13 GND Arrow.png Ground
14 /DB5 Arrowlr.png Bit 5 of SCSI data bus
15 GND Arrow.png Ground
16 /DB6 Arrowlr.png Bit 6 of SCSI data bus
17 GND Arrow.png Ground
18 /DB7 Arrowlr.png Bit 7 of SCSI data bus
19 /DBP Arrowlr.png SCSI data bus parity bit
20 GND Arrow.png Ground
21 /REQ Arrowr.png Request for a data transfer
22 GND Arrow.png Ground
23 /BSY Arrowlr.png When active (low) indicates that the SCSI data bus is busy
24 GND Arrow.png Ground
25 /ATN Arrowl.png When active (low) indicates an attention condition
26 /C/D Arrowr.png When active (low) indicates that data is on the SCSI bus. When high, indicates that control signals are on the bus
27 /RST Arrowlr.png SCSI bus reset
28 /MSG Arrowr.png Indicates the message phase
29 /SEL Arrowlr.png SCSI select
30 /I/O Arrowr.png Controls the direction of data output. When high, data is input

Note: Direction is Device relative Bus (other Devices).