Amiga External Diskdrive

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23 PIN D-SUB FEMALE at the Amiga.

Pin Name Dir Description
1 /RDY Arrowlr.png Disk Ready
2 /DKRD Arrowl.png Disk Read Data
3 GND Arrow.png Ground
4 GND Arrow.png Ground
5 GND Arrow.png Ground
6 GND Arrow.png Ground
7 GND Arrow.png Ground
8 /MTRXD OC Disk Motor Control
9 /SEL2 OC Select Drive 2
10 /DRES OC Disk Reset
11 /CHNG Arrowlr.png Disk Removed From Drive-Latched Low
12 +5V Arrowr.png +5 Volts DC (250 mA max)
13 /SIDE Arrowr.png Select Disk Side (0=Upper, 1=Lower)
14 /WPRO Arrowlr.png Disk is Write Protected
15 /TKO Arrowlr.png Drive Head position over Track 0
16 /DKWE OC Disk Write Enable
17 /DKWD OC Disk Write Data
18 /STEP OC Step the Head-Pulse, First low, then high
19 DIR OC Select Head Direction (0=Inner, 1=Outer)
20 /SEL3 OC Select Drive 3
21 /SEL1 OC Select Drive 1
22 /INDEX OC Disk Index Pulse
23 +12V Arrowr.png +12 Volts DC (160 mA max, 540 mA surge)

Note: Direction is Computer relative Diskdrive.



  • Amiga 4000 User's Guide from Commodore