ABC 800

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Computer manufactured by Luxor. Designed by Dataindustrier AB and BASIC interpretator by Scandia metric AB. Designed and manufactured in Sweden.

Two models were available:

  • ABC 800C: ABC 800 with ABC 810 color monitor (TV)
  • ABC 800M: ABC 800 with ABC 815 monochrome monitor


Technical specs

Processor: Zilog Z80A, 3 MHz
  • 32 kB (Primary)
  • 32 kB (RAM-disk)
ROM: 32 kB
  • 24 kB BASIC-interpretator (BASIC II)
  • 4 kB DOS (Disk Operative System)
  • 4 kB printer and terminal functions, and high-res graphics functions.
Video RAM: 2 kB (for characters)
Text mode: 80/40 x 24 characters (additionally 1 "system" row)
Video modes: 240x240, 8 colors (special optional high-resolution card required)
Sound chip:  ?
Keyboard: QWERTY built-in


  • Monitor (15-pin D-Sub???)
  • CH.A serial port (async communication with printers) (50-19200 baud) (9-pin D-Sub)
  • CH.B serial port (async/sync communication, ABC NET) (50-19200 baud) (9-pin D-Sub)
  • Cassette port (700/2400 baud) (5-pin DIN)
  • ABC-bus (64 pin Europecard)
  • Power 230VAC


Joakim Ă–gren